Challenging course. Stunning views.

A round at Bishops Bay Country Club isn’t just a game of golf;
it’s an experience you will always treasure.

Remember the first time you played a really great golf course? That’s what’s in store for you at Bishops Bay. Bob Lohmann designed this course to be challenging for golfers of every ability; there are four tees per hole.

Beyond that, Lohmann established tees and greens with truly stunning views of Wisconsin’s Capitol, Lake Mendota, the University of Wisconsin skyline and the rolling countryside.

Our professional golf staff, skilled in teaching and golf management, will assure your complete enjoyment of one of the most breath-taking golf courses in Wisconsin.

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A beautiful and challenging hole. The first at Bishops Bay invites you to try to carry the pond with your tee shot, leaving you a short iron pitch. The safer route is a long iron or fairway wood aimed at the first fairway bunker, leaving an approach of 150 yards.

Once you each the softly undulating green, keep in mind that although it is hundreds of yards away, most putts tend to break toward Lake Mendota.

Get yourself a par four here and you are off to a great start to your round!

Tee Information

Gold 366
Blue 345
Green 345
White 331
Silver 331
Red 287
Par 4
Handicap 13/9

A slight dogleg right, this par four has a wide landing zone at the crest of the hill staying left of the fairway bunkers.

If the wind is at your back and you have the nerve to aim your tee shot over the bunkers you can be rewarded with a short iron approach.

Be sure to study your putt carefully as this green has undulations that are not always obvious.

Tee Information

Gold 426
Blue 404
Green 373
White 373
Silver 306
Red 306
Par 4
Handicap 7/11

With a narrow front opening to this par three green, the bunkers on either side get quite a workout.

From the gold tees it’s a long iron or even a fairway wood. From the blue and white tees, average to high handicappers have an opportunity to hit the green with a medium iron.

Tee Information

Gold 205
Blue 184
Green 158
White 158
Silver 135
Red 135
Par 3
Handicap 15/3

Uphill all the way, this par five gives plenty of room for the tee shot but narrows the closer you get to the green.

Think your second shot through carefully as the out of bounds on the right threatens the pushed shot. Two good shots should leave a short iron pitch and maybe a birdie!

Tee Information

Gold 508
Blue 487
Green 487
White 466
Silver 466
Red 401
Par 5
Handicap 1/1

Savor the stunning view of Wisconsin country side from the elevated tee of this long par five.

With the gold tees measuring over six hundred yards, this is a true three shot hole. Be careful with your second shot, leaving it short of the fairway bunker guarding the last fifty yards to the green.

Tee Information

Gold 602
Blue 577
Green 495
White 495
Silver 464
Red 464
Par 5
Handicap 3/3

Straightaway and long, a par four on number six is always a good score.The drive is slightly downhill, but it is back up the incline to a deep green fronted on both sides by yawning bunkers.

A good rule of thumb is to take one club longer here than the yardage would suggest.

Tee Information

Gold 443
Blue 417
Green 392
White 392
Silver 346
Red 346
Par 4
Handicap 5/7

This is a challenging tee shot to a fairway that doglegs to the left. If you can hit the controlled draw, you can get yourself a short iron second. Or, if you have the courage, you can fly it right over the trees on the left...but don’t pull it! Once you reach the narrow green, be sure to look at your putt from all directions and remember where the real hill is.

Tee Information

Gold 417
Blue 401
Green 401
White 358
Silver 334
Red 334
Par 4
Handicap 9/5

A beautiful wooded backdrop to a most challenging green.Normally it will be a medium to short iron shot, but the challenge only begins once you hit the green.

When the hole is in the back half of the green, be extremely careful with the speed of your putt as a little too much stroke and you will watch as your ball rolls down onto the fringe!

Tee Information

Gold 184
Blue 159
Green 159
White 142
Silver 142
Red 123
Par 3
Handicap 17/17

A medium length par four that plays uphill all the way.The fairway slopes away as the dogleg turns left and tee shots must be placed carefully to avoid running into the rough.

A solid first shot should leave a medium to short iron second.

Tee Information

Gold 401
Blue 378
Green 351
White 351
Silver 351
Red 292
Par 4
Handicap 11/13
As you make the turn from front nine to back, our fully stocked Turnhouse awaits with refreshments, rest rooms and once in a while protection from the elements.

Start the back nine with a mid-length par three. One of our signature holes, the silo to the left of the green bears testament to the rural flavor of our “Country Nine.”

A straight tee shot here gives you a good chance for birdie.

Tee Information

Gold 176
Blue 153
Green 153
White 126
Silver 126
Red 114
Par 3
Handicap 18/18

The tee shot plays down hill, however, shortening the actual playing length. A second shot of 165 to 195 yards is the usual approach to an undulating green with a narrow opening.

A par 4 at the eleventh is always a great score!

Tee Information

Gold 516
Blue 492
Green 435
White 435
Silver 435
Red 413
Par 5
Handicap 4/6

This twisting, well bunkered hole is one of the real opportunities for a birdie on the back nine.Playing downhill most of the way, it plays shorter than its yardage and is occasionally reachable in two by the longer hitters.

Thread your shots around and between the bunkers and you just might pick up a stroke on par.

Tee Information

Gold 434
Blue 384
Green 350
White 350
Silver 305
Red 305
Par 4
Handicap 6/8

A dogleg right with yawning bunkers at the turn just waiting for a missed tee shot.Standing on the tee, it looks so inviting to aim right over the bunkers leaving nothing more than a 75 to 80 yard pitch, but beware: the carry is longer than it looks.

A tee shot in the middle of the fairway leaves only a 150 yard shot to a rolling green.

Tee Information

Gold 404
Blue 377
Green 377
White 330
Silver 330
Red 304
Par 4
Handicap 8/4

Truly a signature hole at Bishops Bay, the 14th tee looks out over Lake Mendota and beyond.The longest par four on the course plays downhill all the way, but into the prevailing breeze it still plays long.

With the largest of all the greens, it is possible to have a putt of over 125 feet. A definite challenge for even the best players.

Tee Information

Gold 472
Blue 453
Green 422
White 422
Silver 356
Red 356
Par 4
Handicap 10/10

This short little par four just looks so inviting, but danger lurks…a lateral hazard runs the entire length of the hole catching any tee shot that strays even the slightest bit right.With a shallow green, only 10 to 12 paces deep in places and fronted with a menacing bunker, the best shot is often a fairway wood or long iron leaving a 100 to 125 yard second.

Tee Information

Gold 340
Blue 311
Green 311
White 278
Silver 278
Red 235
Par 4
Handicap 14/14

A true three shot hole, the sixteenth requires a tee shot that avoids the huge fairway bunker on the left ... then a second between the next set of bunkers and the hazard on the right...and finally an accurate third shot to a double lobed undulating green…Two putts on this devilish green is always good!

Tee Information

Gold 579
Blue 550
Green 513
White 513
Silver 456
Red 456
Par 5
Handicap 2/2

This is Bishops Bay’s signature par three and for many players, the toughest par to make.Even the slightest mis-hit tee shot invariably ends up in the hazard running the length of the hole and fronting the green.

Bogey four at 17 is not too bad and a par or even the rare birdie are excellent!

Tee Information

Gold 217
Blue 193
Green 171
White 171
Silver 134
Red 134
Par 3
Handicap 16/16

The stunning backdrop of Wisconsin’s Capitol Building across Lake Mendota makes the eighteenth at Bishops Bay one of the most memorable finishing holes this side of Pebble Beach.A strong drive and a solid middle iron to the green should put you in position for a satisfying end to your round.

Tee Information

Gold 441
Blue 423
Green 403
White 403
Silver 358
Red 358
Par 4
Handicap 12/12

The practice & learning facilities at
Bishops Bay are second to none!

An 8000 square foot practice green…

…and a chipping green with a practice bunker.

Beautifully manicured bent-grass
practice tees with target greens.

Varying distances, for warm-up or
serious practice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the golf shop hours?

The golf shop opens 30 minutes before the first tee time.
During the summer the hours are:
Monday: 11.30 – 6.00 p.m.
Tuesday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
The range is open until dark except for Sunday.

Does a membership include a locker?

Yes, the golf shop staff will assign you a locker.

Are there any restrictions that govern play?

Yes, during outings, special events, Men’s Day, Ladies’ Day and Junior Golf Day. Please check with the golf shop for specific times.

Do you offer golf lessons?

Yes, our professional golf staff will be happy to help you with your game. Lessons are scheduled directly through the golf shop.

Can I schedule or check a tee time after the pro-shop is closed?

Yes you can! As a member, you will be able to set a tee time at: ForeTees

This is great; you can schedule a game right from your home or office!

Do you offer junior programs?

Yes we do. We run a 10 week junior program annually. This program includes lessons and play time and culminates with a junior skills challenge and Junior Club Championship, Junior Fun Day and Banquet.

How do I rent a golf cart?

You have the choice of renting a cart for the entire season or each time you come out and to play! The golf staff will arrange either one for you.

Cart per season – $1350.00 (per couple)
Cart per tee time – $17.50 per person


Other questions? Get in touch with us.

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