Since 1995, Bishops Bay Country Club has provided its members and their guests with outstanding fellowship, recreation and social facilities. Whether you play golf, tennis or enjoy social amenities of a country club, Bishops Bay Country Club presents something for everyone in your family! Whether you are home or traveling; you can utilize your Bishops Bay membership all over the country! With our new ClubBenefits program your Bishops Bay membership grants you access to over 300 golf, country and city clubs around the country! See the amentites page for more detailed information. 

Please contact our Membership Director to receive current membership information.


Membership Categories

Initiation Fees are Applicable to All Membership Categories.
All memberships are family memberships. Children are eligible under the membership until they reach the age of 25, or become married, or are not in school, or are not living at home. All memberships include ClubBenefits from the ClubCorp program.
All members, except Non-Resident, are subject to the clubs Dining Minimum Spending Program of $1,000 annually. Food & beverage items purchased at the Manor, Sunset Grill, Turnhouse or Beverage Carts will apply to the Dining Minimum Spending Program. Private events hosted by a member will not qualify against the Dining Minimum Spending Program.
This amount may be paid in advance in full before the start of the next calendar year. The advantage to members to prepay is that the $1,000 can be used at any time during the year. If you choose to not prepay the dining minimum, the following requirements are enforced:
January 1 to June 30—$500; July 1 to September 30—$250; October 1 to December 31—$250.
If member fails to meet those amounts in those time periods, the member will be charged the balance.
All members are currently under Capital Assessment. The assessment is approved to up to 15 years (beginning in 2017) and up to $85 per month per member. Please contact the club for current assessment levels.


Membership Approval Process

We understand life is busy! So we've made the membership approval process as easy as possible. Just complete the Nomination Form and return to our Membership Director. A background check will be run then the information is submitted to our Board of Directors for Approval. The Board of Directors will determine whether, in its sole judgement, if a nominee satisfies its subjective criteria for membership. The Board will vote upon each nominee for membership and will do so by confidential means. An affirmative vote of a majority is required prior to a nominee receiving an invitation to membership. The whole process can take less than 1 week!

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